I'm looking for a set of calendar apps from providers that highly value privacy. Something like Google is therefore out of question. At the moment I am using an app on my phone, that I can only access locally. I would like it to thave the following features:

  • Be able to plan on the computer e.g. Webinterface
  • Access and edit your calendar from phone
  • Manage TODO
  • See birthdays
  • Not subscription based or at least low price if it is, I would pay a rather high price up front though

Edit: Operating systems: Windows / Android

  • If self-hosting is an option: I use my own Nextcloud (on the PC: web interface), syncing it to my Androids via DAVx, and can use any calendar app on Android (e.g. Etar – or any other one from F-Droid). If you cannot self-host, there are several trustworthy providers out there hosting it for you, for a small fee. Some even include mail (like mailbox.org) and more.
    – Izzy
    Aug 10, 2022 at 20:26

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You may check out Proton's calendar app.

They have a free tier (which also gives you mail, VPN and cloud storage) and provide web access and mobile apps.


If between Windows Desktop and your Android phone, a suggestion is to use:

  • The default calendar that comes on Android, but partner it with the MyPhoneExplorer app. It can sync between your Android phone and its own desktop app. It can even sync with your desktop MS Outlook, if you choose to.

  • As a bonus, it can also sync notes, contacts, sms, files with your desktop.

  • The calendar on the desktop can manage birthdays (via contact field), tasks, etc

  • Syncing can be done using USB cable, or WIFI/Bluetooth (if you trust the wireless connection).

  • Remove or disable google account on the phone, so that no syncing with Google.

  • It is a free app, but you can make a donation to the author.

This is a configuration I have been using for a long time. But you may well get other suggestions.


Besides ProtonMail (Sebastian's recommendation) there is also a calendar from Tutanota and (still relatively new) Peergos.

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