There's a known quirk with macOS that if you set an output in Audio MIDI Setup to use a Multi-Output, you lose control of the dedicated volume buttons [on the F-Keys].

Is there an app that can override this limitation?

This would normally be achievable with Applescript & an Automator Service, but not if Multi-Output is selected.
You can't even change it from the optional Volume/Output Menu item. Volume is greyed out. Selecting anything except Multi-Output returns control. It doesn't matter which devices are selected in the Multi-Output itself, this is a limitation of the Multi-Output itself.

Free/paid, macOS [of course]

enter image description here

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I discovered this app whilst searching for something else. I thought it would be worth including here for future searchers.



A small tool for changing sound volume even for aggregate devices* cause native sound volume controller can't change volume of aggregate devices.


  • Changing sound volume of every device (even virtual aggregate device volume by changing volume of every device in aggregate device)
  • Changing default output device
  • Native appearance (looks like native volume controller)
  • Media keys support

enter image description here

*It says aggregate, but it means Multi-Output [aggregates are actually Inputs] ;)

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