I'm looking for a simple 3D Library to render GCode Files into a C++/Qt5.15.2 software project running on Windows.

A GCode file contains the instructions for a 3D-Printer to print a 3D Model (where to move, how much material to extrude, which layer is being printed, etc.). After parsing the GCode file, I get a list of lines representing the displacement of the nozzle and want to display in 3D this basic list of lines. Like in this example from https://gcode.ws/ : GCode render by gcode.ws

This project is developed with Three.js and the 3D render is done in a 200-lines file.

I'm looking for a similar library in C++, easy to use and sufficient, where I can just say "draw me this line". I only have lines to render, nothing else. To get an example I looked at the code of SuperSlicer which seems to use GLEW and is way more complex. I also looked into VTK, which seems to offer way too much for what I want to do, and Qt3D which is a OpenGL look-alike (correct me if I'm wrong on that point please). Do you know any free library that would allow to do that please ?

The files I need to display can have up to 3.000.000 lines of code.


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