I have something with a lot of OpenAPI calls without a HTTP API document that I would like to create at least get a minimal OpenAPI to jump start the documentation process.

I've found several tools:

that seem to convert from har(HTTP Archive Format) request files to OpenAPI specs.

So I can browse the site with my browser as it calls APIs, examining each XHR with the browser's network inspector and individually save all XHR as har files. Or possibly save all the traffic with mitmproxy and convert to har with mitmproxy har_dump.py script. If there is an easier way to dump it without having to manually click save for each har file in Firefox/Chrome I'd like to know as well.

(mitmproxy2swagger takes in a mitmproxy dump file or a har file but I'm having trouble having it read har files)

What are the benefits and downsides to each tool? What other tools exist (that might be better)? Which one is most mature?


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