I'm looking for software that lets me wirelessly see videos on my phone, from windows, and double click them running them in my chosen program.

Windows 10 has an option "Your phone", that only does it for images, not videos!

I looked here


And it mentioned some software eg CX File Explorer, that gives an FTP URL to access files on the "phone".

But native windows explorer window, or FTP client software like WinSCP or FileZilla, don't let you double click an mp4 video and open it..

winscp if you try to open an image it opens it in an editor like notepad. (would probably do the same or no better for a video too though would take longer so don't want to attempt it!)

double clicking an image in filezilla won't open it so no doubt it won't open a video.

Trying an explorer window on a win7 machine that i've used a lot, it opens chrome and opens an image, it copies it to a temporary directory and opens it as file:///...restofurl. But since it's using a web browser it won't open an mp4. And win10 file explorer window tested on a new laptop i have just seems to open chrome and doesn't even open an image, but anyhow even if it did open an image i can't see it opening a video. I find windows 7 file explorer when working with an FTP URL isn't that good at refreshing. Windows 10's can.

For now I can use CX Explorer, and an FTP client like WinSCP or FileZilla, and drag it to a local folder and double click it. Another option is if I can convert the FTP to SFTP, or if an app offered SFTP. And with SFTP I could maybe use SSH-FS-Win and map a drive and try opening a file off that.

An issue with CX Explorer is if i change screen which i might do to take a photo or make a video, and refresh, then it can lose connection.. going to battery and applications.. and allowing background activity, helps.. or going back to cx explorer screen after taking the photo or video. The "link to windows" app(which is the corresponding app to the "Your Phone" option in Windows 10, doesn't seem to have that problem, even when it isn't given the permission to run in the background / make android not restrict its background activity. So even with android restricting its background activity it still manages it. Not so with CX Explorer. Worth bearing that in mind.

If a solution works on Windows 10, then great. If it works on Windows 7 too then that's a bonus.

The Windows 10 "Your phone" software is perfect except it doesn't work on videos.

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    The only way this can work from Window sis if you have a SMB server like SAMBA running on your Android phone. All the other network protocols don't allow random access in to files (via Windows Explorer). Without random access Explorer first has to download the whole file and then can start playing it. Because of Windows restrictions you need an app that provides an SMBv2 or SMBv3 server (SMBv1 is disabled and is scheduled to be removed from Windows).
    – Robert
    Jun 12, 2022 at 10:24


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