I would like to record videos from some games I am playing. I tried Fraps, but it had problems sometimes with recording audio. To be more precise, it was missing sometimes. I need software which would record such video without any limitations in time. What I definitely don´t want to have are some annoying watermarks. It doesn't matter if software is free, it just needs to meet the requirements mentioned above.


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I would recommend:

Other candidates:


One can use TechSmith Camtasia:

  • Windows 7 (and >7)
  • non-free
  • plenty of features
  • high-quality recording

I've used it to record video games.


Here some posibilities:

Вandicam Screen Recorder

Mirillis Action

PlayClaw 6

Nvidia ShadowPlay


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    Note that Nvidia Shadowplay works through Geforce Experience and a supported dedicated Nvidia GPU, which is basically any GTX or RTX GPU since the 600 series (but not the mobile GT versions).
    – Nzall
    May 29 at 20:29

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