Here's my use case.

  1. As a Sysadmin, I would like to monitor on a Linux server any changes to a specific/predefined file or directory, so that I can answer via a report the following questions : who modified what and when ? What's a the diff of of the file before and after changes
  2. As a Manager, I would like to recieve via an SMS (SMPP) or an email (SMTP) a summary report off daily changes that occured on a specific/predefined file/directory

Hence, the software would be able to watch specific/predefined files and send reports via sms or email of who modified, when and possibly what was modified on a Linux server

It sounds like a combination of AIDE and GIT but it's not in the context of developpement (build). We are more in the run (as in think ; build ; run) for this request

What software can I use to do that ?

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Netwrix Change Tracker, seems that fits most of the requirements here.



= Support for Linux

== Supports Linux out of the box

= Who modified

== Direct quote from their product page

"Determine exactly which systems were modified and when by reviewing a complete history of all changes."

= What

==See above

= When

== See above

= What's a the diff of of the file before and after changes

== Now this is tricky. I don't believe this is supported as this requires a constant diff when a file is changed.

= Notifications (email or SMS)

== Supports Emails at least, check second link above

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    Thank you so much !!! Both are very good. Especially Netwrix
    – emilia21
    Commented Jun 29, 2022 at 9:08

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