I want the ability to have multiple virtual desktops I can switch between and have different icons on the desktop and wallpapers on each of them. E.g. "Development" where I have all my development tools icons on the desktop and a "Games", where I have my games visible. I do have two monitors in my setup.

I know Windows 10 actually does have virtual desktops, but it shows the same icons on all desktops - pretty useless in my opinion.

Is there any third-party application that has solved this in a good way? I seem unable to find any at least on Google and Microsoft Store?


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Try VirtualWin, I have been using it for a number of years.

Download VirtualWin

It is free and supports upto 9 desktops and you configure the layout. The shortcut keys are amazing, I can move to a different desktop on eahc of the 4 directions using the keys. I can also move a window this way to another desktop just with shortcuts. You ca also pin application on individual desktops.

First page of setup

enter image description here

Download SL Desktop Name module and follow the instructions in readme.1st

You can set up text and colours of the icon/label for each desktop. However, it only flashes when you change the desktop. You can configure the position and duration of visibility.

Module Configuration

Screenshot of module

There are other modules, which I haven't tried, to have individual background colour or even individual wallpaper for each desktop.

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