I'm using a MacBook Pro with the M1 processor and I need a free desktop application for browsing and editing SQLite database files that works natively (without having to use Rosetta).

I have seen the following, but none of them work natively:

Does anyone know if there is any application that works natively on Apple Silicon?

  • @Robert I am pleasantly surprised by this excellent application, which works great and has a very well done graphical interface. Many thanks. If you think it appropriate, put it as an answer so that it can serve other users.
    – A. Cedano
    Commented May 11, 2022 at 10:24

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You can check out the "Universal Database Tool" DBeaver Community Edition.

It supports SQLite and several other databases and on their download page they provide an image for MacOS for M1/Silicon (dmg).

DBeaver is free and open-source (Apache License). It bases on Java.

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