Problem: I currently use Sublime and hate working in Visual Studios.

Background: I use Android Studios to work on my Flutter app and love it so much, but it doesn't really work for Cloud Functions since that uses TypeScript.

Main Issue Sublime isn't good enough to catch basic issues that I find every time I build the project and it also falls short when trying to investigate references to functions or jumping to declarations.

Possible Solutions I have a MacBook and have Xcode but don't know if it would be any better than Sublime for a TypeScript project. I have Visual Studio Code but it just seems like a mess to setup. My intuition tells me Xcode could be a hidden gem to work on but I haven't had luck in my casual attempts to try it.

I think IntelliJ might be good but I don't know if it's worth paying that absurd subscription fee especially if it ends up not working too well.

Question Are there IDEs that play well with a Cloud Function project while being more powerful than Sublime and less cumbersome than Visual Studios?

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I used IntelliJ. It has TS support.

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