As much as I have searched online, I can't seem to find a proper standalone photo management software that includes the following features:

  • A map view, where the pictures can be located on a world map, based on their GPS metadata
  • A calendar view, where the pictures are shown on a calendar, based on the date they were taken (as in their metadata)
  • Object identification for easier querying (faces, places, any kind of object, etc.)
  • Favorite selection, where the favorite pictures are pinned/highlighted, and can also be accessed from a separate "folder view"
  • Some screensaver-slideshow functionality, so that the pictures are shown randomly on the PC/TV.

In the old days, I made use of Sony's PMB Picture Motion Browser, now discontinued (it featured, among others, a nice calendar for querying pictures). I am also aware that Google Photos offers some of the above functionality, however, I am looking for a standalone app where my locally stored pictures can be accessed.

The issue I have with the Windows File Explorer is that I need to specifically navigate to a given folder of pictures in order to see its contents, that is, I can't have a global overview of all the pictures I have stored in my computer. I have tried Adobe Bridge, however, I still need to navigate to specific folders with it, and the above functionality is not provided.

What would be the best option for such photo management software?



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