I would like to have a clear picture about lithium investments all over the World.

I like this website where I can see all companies related to lithium on the Australian Market.

The website also proposes other commodities like nickel, copper, etc...: enter image description here


But is there any website or API that could provide such information at World scale? I would like to cover US, Latin America, Europe, Asia, etc...

The goal is to create my dashboard through Python, SQL Server and Power BI.

Do you think Bloomberg can provide such service?

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I have used marketstack.com for some stock price lookups, not sure whether they also support commodity prices. There is a related Guthub page, see github.com/apilayer/marketstack .

Recently they sent me an email saying that they "have consolidated all of our over 60 APIs into a single marketplace" and referring to apilayer.com .

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