The .mod file format was launched on Amiga as part as the main format of Protracker. Instead of complete recorded music, the format contains recorded samples and intructions about the order for playing/replaying them and at which volume. Think as a partial rasterized svg in the case of images.

What I want to do is to modify decades old mod. files created on an Amiga but not using the old way : I‘m meaning that instead of modifying hex values matching the volume at a point one by one and frequently rewrite the old file, I want to be able to delete entire samples from the file using a few clicks or copy and insert sequences in the file.

Which software would allow this ? The problem is most software supporting the mod. format attempt to recreate the interface of Protracker instead of giving the more advandced features found in other modern sampling sound software.
I would prefer a Windows or Linux solution.


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