Simple as it sounds, I have tried UNetbootin which will produce something that won't boot, as is balenaEtcher. I have tried WoeUSB that is way to complex for my limited knowledge of Linux, and won't work either.

I want a point-click-done GUI solution, like rufus for windows. Why should it be so hard to create a bootable usb?

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I've been there, friend; I can feel it. You can follow either of the methods mentioned below according to your convenience (I recommend No. 2):

  1. You can use the dd command to write the image to the disk.
  • sudo dd bs=4M if=/path-to-image/image-name.iso of=/dev/sdx status=progress && sync

  • points to note:

  • In place of sdx put your drive label(can be identified with command lsblk ).

  • In 'if= ' put the file path for the iso image[for example: /home/harshu/downloads/windows.iso].

  • In 'bs= ' you can put any amount but I recommend to keep it 4M.

  • NOTE: This method might not always work for "windows" image files.

  1. You can use ventoy and it is very easy to setup.
  • Download latest release of ventoy for linux (you can find the latest release here).
  • Extract the zip content of the file you just downloaded.
  • Open terminal in the ventoy folder and enter the following command: sudo ./VentoyWeb.sh
  • Then go to '' (as it is already mentioned in terminal after running VentoyWeb.sh, Warning do not click ctrl+C yet).
  • select the desired drive and flash it.
  • Then click ctrl+C in terminal.
  • Now you can see that a drive named "Ventoy" has been mounted.
  • Now copy the iso image file and paste it in Ventoy drive.
  • after copying is finished boot from ventoy usb and select the desired iso file and you're good to go.
  • You can also put multiple iso files if you have enough storage. Then whenever you boot from ventoy you can choose from multiple different .iso's .
  • NOTE: Windows 7 iso might not work as per my experience any other iso mentioned over here will definitely work.
  • If you couldn't follow my guidance in this method, here is the website's guide.

I've gone through the exact same scenario as you, I was in zorin OS lite and I have tried the methods you have mentioned in the question and none of them worked for me too. Finally I made my brother flash it for me via rufus since he uses windows. Then flashing failed many times for that particular drive and Ultimately I landed on Ventoy and it worked like a charm.

I hope this answer might help you.

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