MediaWiki maybe too "open" for me.
All of its "management" webpages are open for crawling by crawlers; noindex isn't enough because I want to prevent their crawling altogether, not just indexing and my website is in Hebrew, what makes it hard to work with robots.txt (which is by itself a dynamic and elusive task given the periodical updates and upgrades).

So, I seek a content management system which is exactly like MediaWiki, just "closed" --- only its articles and category pages will be open for crawling --- anything else, not.

  • FOSS
  • Gratis
  • An option for easy migrate from a latest MediaWiki version

What will be a CMS like this?

  • GitHub repositories can have wiki, but GitHub UI is in English only. GitHub supports Markdown and also, I think, MediaWiki. There are migration scripts around if you Google.
    – user31876
    Mar 15, 2022 at 18:54


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