At my work, I have projects that are tracked on different Jira servers, is there a software that I can use to show them together?

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BoldBI provides an end-to-end Business Intelligence Solution that is an option to consider. BoldBI has a JIRA integration by which you can work with data from multiple JIRA servers, https://www.boldbi.com/integrations/jira.

Sample JIRA dashboard: https://samples.boldbi.com/integrations/jira/issue-tracker-dashboard

Steps to aggregate data from two JIRA servers in BoldBI from below,

Step 1: Create a data source using BoldBI JIRA connector and import the data from your JIRA server 1, by referring to the following documentation https://help.boldbi.com/cloud-bi/working-with-data-source/data-connectors/jira/.

Step 2: Create another data source with JIRA server 2, the same way did in Step 1.

Step 3: Open the Data Sources tab click on Combine Data Source. enter image description here

Step 4: In the combine data source window, select the two data sources which you need to combine. Click append”. This will join the two data sources row-wise, so it will have both servers’ data.

Reference: https://help.boldbi.com/embedded-bi/working-with-data-source/combine-data-sources enter image description here

Step 5: Now you can create dashboards and see insights of data from different JIRA servers. In dashboard designer, click the “use existing” option to import the combined data source for doing the dashboard.

Step 6: Now the combined data source will have the data from two servers. Use the combined data source for doing the dashboard. enter image description here

Note: I work for Bold BI.

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