I am writing a basic CAD application where a user can create 2D constraints between points.

There will be a number of different constraint types and so I am looking for a free general constraints solver library which can handle a few (~20) simple non-linear constraints.

My initial searches came across the Cassowary Algorithm which works great for linear constraints (i.e. x2 = x1 + distance) but fails to handle non-linear ones (x2 + y2 = distance).

Ideally I would like the library to be as lightweight as possible (header only would be even better), fast (as I would like to update the point's positions as the user moves a point around) and in either C or C++.

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Google OR-Tools is a software suite for optimization, containing many different solvers.

The CP-SAT Solver is a non-linear solver, ideal for my use.

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