Requirement Summary

View DB data (row content) and tree-navigate along references (foreign keys) while presenting their corresponding JPA (Java Persistence API) definitions / metadata

Use Cases

  • As a developer, I need to understand existing test/staging data through the lens of Java objects as mapped to the DB schema by JPA.
  • As a support person, I need to understand some specific production data quickly (navigation), with the help of any metadata I can get (Java classes/fields/enums, along with their javadocs and annotations)

Current Pain

For understanding DB data, I need to switch back and forth between DB view and Java source IDE, searching for DB-side names in Java source code's JPA annotations.

Essential Features

  • navigate / explore references via foreign keys, whether explicit or not, by the virtue of them being defined by JPA annotations
  • present Java element names, annotations, and any javadocs
    • class javadocs on tables
    • field/property javadocs on columns
  • present Enum values as text (where persisted as numbers), also along with any javadocs on the enum and its enum class


  • Starting e.g. with a simple SQL/JPQL query (or some other means) to get to some rows, such as: select * from book where id=55;
  • The tool should display:
  • the row of table 'book' with id=55 along with the Java class name 'Book' that's mapped to table 'book' via JPA; include the 'Book' class javadoc as info popup or in a side panel
  • each column for that row shows the column name along with the Java field that's mapped to that column. Examples:
    • "Tom Sawyer" - book_title:varchar(255) <- bookTitle:String
    • "Mark Twain" - author_id:bigint <- author:Author
      • ^^ This is a reference; whether 'author_id' is explicitly defined in the DB schema as a foreign key or not, it should be easily possible to tree-navigate to the author of a book from this field, by the virtue of its Java type being another JPA Entity class.
    • "3" - genre:int <- genreType:GenreType, "AMERICAN_FICTION"
      • ^^ This is an enum; it should display the corresponding Java enum name

Closest Matches

  • DBeauty: lets you navigate DB data along foreign key references, but no display of JPA definitions
  • JPA plugins for IDEs such as JPA Buddy: let you view and edit JPA mapping to DB schema, but no navigation of actual data and presenting it according to Java definitions


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