I am looking for a program where I can configure profiles, and for each profile I can enable or disable certain Windows services, or running applications.

The purpose would be to have a Windows that boots up with very few running applications and services, and then I can choose whether I want to do programming, or gaming, or photo editing, and whatnot.

I also want to be able to switch to a different profile, and then have the software I'm looking for stop and start services as appropriate.

For instance, if I pick the gaming profile, Steam, Origin, etc. would be started whereas debugging services for JetBrains Rider would be stopped, as would things like Adobe Cloud, etc.

But if I then switch to photo editing, Adobe Cloud would be started, Steam, Origin, Epic, Ubisoft Connect, would be terminated.

Does such a software package exist? I don't care if it costs money.

I've seen such a program, called "Simple Program Launching and Termination (Splat)", but it wasn't updated after 2015 and last officially supported Windows version was Windows 7. When running it on Windows 10 it gave a whole bunch of errors before it terminated.


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