Tired of fiddling about with the CSS manually. Not that it´s not fun; but it eats up a lot of time that´s better invested elsewhere.

Requirements: I am looking for a (mostly point&click) offline WYSIWYG editor for Windows that allows hassle-free set up of a responsive layout for all browsers using CSS only, maybe some optional JS. Any PHP I need, I can add myself. The price is secondary and it doesn´t need all the bells and whistles, but it should build cross browser code.

I thought about DreamWeaver (I guess it still is as usable and competent as 20 years ago), but would prefer a one-time payment offline solution; stumbled upon CoffeeCup SiteDesigner, but couldn´t figure out so far if that has what I need.

Who has experience with CoffeeCup or can name other alternatives?

I found Ranveer´s thread from 2014:

  • BlueGriffon is instable and out of date
  • latest Amaya release is from 2012
  • Eclipse is too slow
  • Kompozer was last updated in 2016

I will take a look into Pinegrow soon, though.

Still, any hints, comments, more recommendations are welcome.


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