I have a Windows Registry file (.REG), which is entered into the Registry when being double clicked.

Now I want to achieve the same result in code with C#. Is there a tool which could convert the REG file into valid C# code doing the same?

I know I could simply keep the REG file and run regedit /s <file>.reg, so it's basically a one-liner. The point is that I need to adapt the code so it does slightly different things in different circumstances. Basically I want my application to do it, not with Regedit.

It should:

  • open Registry keys for writing
  • create keys
  • put the objects into using() constructs
  • support Registry deletion syntax
  • ideally writes "clean" code, i.e. introduces variables for long substrings

It would be nice if it's a Visual Studio plugin, but any other solution is probably ok, too, because it will only be used once per REG file.

I have tried:

  • reg-to-csharp, but it cannot deal with REG_DWORD and REG_EXPAND_SZ, does not dispose the objects, creates subkeys instead of values, does not support delete syntax
  • reg-to-csharp makes a few fixes, but still has no REG_EXPAND_SZ support, does not dispose objects nor support delete syntax

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