I'm looking for a way to provide HAR files to others but with my comments/notes in them so that they will know where in the log file to look for purposes of troubleshooting, etc. Is there a free/open source tool that allows one to view/edit HAR files in that way?

Initially I thought HAR files could not possibly store comments in them since I couldn't find a way to do that in Chrome Dev Tools. But, it turns out that with a (paid) application called Charles Proxy one can view, edit and save HAR files, including comments. So there must be other apps that can do it as well?

Here is an example of where a comment can be viewed inside a Charles Proxy session (either saved as a HAR file or .chls file):

Screenshot of Charles Proxy

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Postman x9.6 and above has the ability to import HAR files: https://blog.postman.com/postman-now-supports-importing-har-files/

A HAR file is imported as a Postman "collection" and documentation/edits can be added at the individual request level or overall collection level.

Both free and paid versions of Postman have this feature. However, at least as of Postman x9.6, support for certain content types (audio/wav, for example) is not supported in the response body of an API call. So in other ways, Postman is not as robust a solution for HAR file viewing as CharlesProxy is.

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