Is it possible to edit PDF files, (for example,) with OneNote on my iPad and then those edited files are automatically updated also on my OneDrive? With edit, I mostly mean making notes with the Apple Pencil. I know, you can also edit files straight up in the OneDrive (iOS) App, but the features there are very minimal. I am trying to edit the with OneNote and the changes I make should be automatically updated also on OneDrive. If it is not possible to do it with OneNote, is there another way? I am open for any software recommendation, not only OneNote - that is why i am posting it here on this site.

I know that it does not work with Good Notes or Notability, because you would have to export the edited file again - which leads to extra work, especially when you have a lot of folders and files.

I already found one app, which is Adobe Acrobat for the iPad. But unfortunately, there are not many features to make notes with the Apple Pencil.

I hope this topic suits to this site - it is very hard to find a proper site for this topic.

  • - Adobe Acrobat on iOS / iPadOS - Files (Files application from Apple) - PDF Viewer 3.0 - PDF Expert 7
    – Spedex
    Jan 8, 2022 at 18:09

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As far as I can tell you cannot edit PDF files. Not on Windows, iOS, whatever.

The only way is to download the official Acrobat Reader App for iOS and use that to modify the PDF or add notes with the apple pencil.

Then OneDrive will automatically upload and sync your files.

But I think you need to have the paid version of Acrobat Reade App to make changes for Windows, iOS, whatever.

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