Can you suggest a free software or open source library that automatically draw a UML given Python source code as input?

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  • Perhaps that cannot exist, because Python's object model is probably incompatible with UML. However, Python has AST, and if your code is following some documented guidelines, you might make such a tool yourself. Dec 30, 2021 at 16:06

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I found links to several python-specific open-source alternatives for UML generation from source code here. The Communnity version is still free, open-sourced, and full-featured.

The one that has been updated most recently is Pynsource. The description for the original link reads: "Reverse engineer python source code into UML. Generated UML class diagrams can be displayed as ASCII Art or in a more typical graphical form. After a few years in a zombie state, we have just seen a new and improved version this 2019."


Pyreverse could be a solution as stated here:

Pyreverse is a tool in the Pylint tool suite. Pyreverse is a tool for generating UML diagrams from Python source code.

It can be easily run in the following way:

pyreverse -o png my_class.py

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