jpegtran allows to rotate/crop/join a JPG file without any quality loss nor file size increase.

Is there a Java or Kotlin library to achieve these lossless operations in Android?


  • libjpeg-turbo's Java library is almost perfect but unfortunately it does not implement the join (called -drop) operation, even though the C library of the same project does. Probably the easiest to port if necessary.
  • AndroidMediaUtil and LLCrop also do not support join.
  • maven-jpegtran-plugin calls the jpegtran OS executable, so it is not 100% Java.
  • Android's source code includes jpegtran.c but I have not found any way for an app to call it, I guess it is only used internally, maybe only present because it is a part of libjpeg.

Must be open source.
Libraries that only do one operation, for instance only crop, are very welcome too!

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LLCrop is open source. I hope this helps!

  • It does not support the join operation, right? LLCrop uses the Spectrum library, which uses mozjpeg, which is a patch over libjpeg-turbo, whose Java version does not have join.
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Apr 6, 2022 at 4:18

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