I need to extract a 3d model with all coresponding textures from glb file in a format I can use in some 3d editor tools. The best format suported by many 3d editors is 3ds. A beter solution would be if it is posible to save the model in my own custom format. The textures need to be exported to any comon format for textures. Would be good if the API is crosplatform, at least it should have no OS related or other external dependancies.

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TinyGLTF is a header only C++11 glTF 2.0 library. This should give you access to the contents of a glb file, including textures and model. You can then export this in the format of your choice, of course you have to show yourself how to export it.

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    Is there some documentation of that API?
    – convert
    Jan 11 at 19:55
  • @convert Unfortunately, I couldn't find any documentation on this, so I had to explain everything using the examples available there. Jan 12 at 14:34

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