I want to create several documents that map/describe my company's Software Systems. What are the recommended tools for that ?

I have been using draw.io (non interactive).
Have stumbled across SmartDiagrams, which offer examples of various type of such diagrams.

  1. Any tool that offers drill downs - i.e., clicking into a component and navigating into a new view/diagram ? Or offer other types of interactions ?
  2. Free tools are preferable, of course.

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I've used Visio quite a bit for similar software diagraming, however I don't believe that has a drill-down option.

  • Thanks. Visio is probably the most known. I am seeking something free, though.
    – Veverke
    Commented Sep 10, 2022 at 19:42

A good tool for diagrams is yED which is freely available and over time has been expanded with some additional tools and features


A friend just shared with me that VS 2022 offers built in support for Architecture Analysis & Modeling.

  1. Install architecture code tools
  2. Visualize dependencies with code maps

Problem: creating code maps requires VS Enterprise edition.

enter image description here

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