For commercial use I need to find a library for managing authentication as a middleware or a separate standalone service. I've looked into authlib but it is not free for commercial use.

If my specs are not possible as a single library, I'll have to make do with multiple libraries in which case please suggest as such.


  1. Must be stable for a production environment (has good support from community and matured enough to be considered easily for a production environment)
  2. Must be framework independent (e.g we should be able to use it now with uvicorn and then for flask with minimal devlopment)
  3. Must support JWT
  4. Nice to have if it supports as many standard authentication schemes as
  5. Good to have if it's suitable for a standalone authentication service
  6. Suitable to be used "freely" for commercial use
  7. Ideally lightweight & performant
  • For now we'll be working with pyjwt and implement as we go, for any future readers.
    – Nae
    Dec 7 '21 at 20:11

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