I am a full(ish)-stack software developer currently writing a website. This website needs a live-chat widget which will allow customers (not authenticated) to message my company's customer service reps, who can receive the messages on a sort-of admin panel, and respond. There are a lot of products that do almost what I want - HelpCrunch, HappyFox, Intercom, Zoho, SnapEngage, etc. The trouble is, all of these products (afaik) are pre-built solutions - the HTML/CSS is already written, and you just add a single JS import to your site which does the rest. And that's precisely what I don't want; I want to build the HTML/CSS myself, but leverage a 3rd party JS library to communicate with a pre-written admin panel. That is to say, I don't want to write the admin panel, or the frontend JS library to communicate with the admin panel, but I do want to write my own HTML/CSS/JS, completely from scratch, to utilize the JS library. Are there any products that provide this?

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