Not looking for cooling curves or anything fancy. Just something that overrides existing behavior to cap the fan speed at a given RPM through a slider control or similar.

Operating system: Windows 10

Other requests: No bundled adware/crapware. No dodgy download links/sites known to bundle adware/crapware.

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    Please add to your question (and tags, if appropriate) operating system(s) and price range. Thanks! Dec 5 '21 at 6:41
  • There is no API to control fans on Windows, therefore the program would have to directly communicate with the used fan control chip that exists in quite a few different brands and models. Ten years ago ther was some software available to do so but nowadays most boards already have a fan control functionality in BIOS and other people just use the software provided by the manufacturer.
    – Robert
    Dec 12 '21 at 23:10

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