I'm looking for a javascript library which can run in the browser and perform pivot/reshape/aggregation operations.

For instance let's I have data like:

        { category: "Toy", sub: "puzzle", product: "A",price: 10 },
        { category: "Toy", sub: "puzzle", product: "B",price: 30 },
        { category: "Toy", sub: "videogame", product: "C",price: 50 },
        { category: "Equipment", sub: "Bike", product: "D",price: 50 },

I'd like to be able to do something like library(data).pivot(rows=["category"],columns=["sub"],values={"count":"count","price":"avg"}) and have it return new data with the new pivot shape.

I found UI libraries which do this (eg Ag-Grid) but I would like a library which focuses on data only, so I can use any UI library I want to render the result.

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