I'm designing an automatic signalling system for model railway/railroads which features a web interface for managing the system. It communicates with a controller which takes a user-provided schedule and automatically routes trains down their specified paths.

The web interface is going to feature a track diagram (user-provided) which I'm going to need to be able to interact with (train positions, junction directions, signal states etc which are stored in a database).

I'm using ASP.NET 5 MVC due to familiarity.

I know of NShape for WinForms on .NET framework, which has the functionality I need and in fact includes a railway track diagram as a demo diagram, however this isn't compatible with .NET 5 or ASP.NET.

I'd additionally need a way of importing diagrams from external software, ideally software that is also freely available. I could always build my own designer but I'd like to avoid doing so.

Any Ideas for an open source solution? I plan to release my web app open source so for obvious reasons I need my solution to be free and open source too. I'd also need to know how to bring data from a model into the diagram to manipulate it to show the information I'd need.

The sort of diagram style I'm going for is something similar to Traksy

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