I am looking for a SAAS dashboard (many dashboards exist out there, but I attached one as example of what I have in mind) that I can buy on a monthly subscription. I have a list of users (let's take the fictions number of a 100 users) and each has there own personalized(!) dashboard with information. I would like to add information via an API. The interaction with this API should have the functionality like this: "for user 84 add the value 70% on the overall score". The dashboard will be different from user to user, but there will be a maximum of five different templates (with some overlap between them).

I am aware of Grafana, but the problem with grafana is that it has a relatively low amount of users in there packages (10 users is already 50 dollars a month). In addition, the amount of data influx will be low (and controllable), users will access it maybe two times a month, existing data will not change and the amount of capabilities grafana offers is more than I would require (not bad to have more options, but just to give an indication). The capabilities shown in the dashboard below will pretty much cover the requirements for my use case.

Question: what SAAS dashboard provider out there can provide this for me?

P.S. there are some BI (Business Intelligence) tools out there that somewhat meet the requirements, but in almost any case, they are: 1) tailored to a company (e.g. business license) with a high price (1k dollars and up) 2) only a few "admin" roles can view the data

P.P.S. The price range would be between 0-50 dollars a month.


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