I'm looking for an open source ETL-Tool for creating data pipelines, but I'm cannot really find the right one. Mainly I want to use it for data transfers/aggregation between different databases (SQL-based) and different file types like csv, xlsx and xml. So the follwing things should be part of the tool:

  • drag and drop conncetors/inputs (or at least a GUI for visualization)
  • connectors for many different sources
  • SQL and scripting (Python) for data preperation betweens steps
  • open source
  • good performance, should be able to handle bigger datastreams (not really big data)
  • server application or at least standalone jobs

I tested the following tools:

  • Pentaho ETL (no scripting/python), client is neccessary to run jobs
  • Open Talend Studio (no scripting/python) (-> both open source, but commercial company backed)
  • Apache nifi: nice but not really an ETL-Tool, not flexible enough for joins etc.

A typical pipeline would look like this: oracleDB-table -> SQL -> ETL-Tool -> SQL -> Python -> oracleDB-Table and to -> result.csv

Do someone know a tool to do this? Or at least a combination?


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