I've had problems after software upgrades or CSS changes in the past. I'm looking for a tool that can automatically find and report visual changes to avoid issues going unnoticed for a longer period of time.

So, I'm looking for a tool to quickly (or automatically) run visual tests on certain URLs of my website regularly. For example:
Take a screenshot of the home page, cart, checkout page; compare those screenshots to base images and report any difference.

Do you know a tool for that? Either one of the following will be fine:

  1. A desktop application where I can enter my page URLs and click "Check Now" to automatically verify all URLs, without further actions from me.
  2. A web-service where I can enter my page URLs and select a schedule (once a week) and get an email with the results.


  • No coding/scripting needed
  • A web-service, or desktop application that runs on macOS (MacBook Pro)
  • I'm not concerned about cross-browser tests; the screenshots can be taken on my local machine, as long as it's done automatically.

Similar tools I found:

  • uptimerobot.io - but it can only scan for keywords and has no visual test option
  • percy.io - it has visual comparison features but requires custom coding
  • applitools.com - same as percy, it requires coding

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