I am looking for a cloud solution that enables a small team to manually collect data in a structured way during telephone interviews.

The software should bring the possibility for branching (i.e. selection dependent interview endpoints) and for a user log-in (i.e. the set of forms can only be accessed after a user logs in). The forms need to be used repeatedly. Ideally the person who enters data gets automatically tracked (i.e. via log-in; alternatively, they have to select from a list within the form). The collected data should be downloadable at any time either directly as csv or from some database backend. Only one admin login to set up the surveys/forms is necessary.

I have reviewed some from tools (MS Forms, Formstack, Typeform, etc.) but I am unclear whether they are suitable for the objective at hand.

Importantly, I do not need to necessarily be able to distribute the forms online. Rather, they should just be available for a small team upon log-in.


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