I'm looking for a end user application that utilizes voice recognition and runs on GNU/Linux. I've come across some options after many hours on this site and others but they don't work out of the box and many of these posts are not up to date.

If one doesn't exist based on your knowledge, I'm open to other options that require less setup and have a great community for help if needed.

I'm also fairly privacy and security conscious so I'm looking for open source preferably, DSR (Discrete speech recognition), that is, solutions that work on a client only without sending data to servers, and I'm sure there's more I'm failing to mention. Kudos if you mention any other privacy/security features I should be looking for.

What I'm looking for is an application that can handle just about anything you would want to do on your computer such as reading and highlighting books, pdfs, articles online, etc. without having to scroll or flip pages. The capability to surf the web, interact with various GUIs/applications, write in a text editor or document, etc. These are the functionalities I would be using the most. If it can help with programming and terminal commands too that's a big plus but I'd be surprised if there's something out there for GNU/Linux that's nearly as reliable as Dragon Speech Recognition by Nuance.

Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Looks like nobody is giving an answer (I was waiting and watching out for it). Maybe meanwhile this listing can prove helpful – so if you find something fitting, you could answer your own question. MyCroft sounds quite promising, but I haven't tried it yet.
    – Izzy
    Jan 16 at 23:58

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