I'm looking for a software/website to see my clients' maintenance contracts.

For example, the customer X has a contract for 12 repairs, he makes one, I would like that on my software/website I can see that it remains 11

I searched a lot on google but I didn't find anything (probably due to a bad search)

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For something like this, you should search for things like:

  • vehicle maintenance software
  • fleet maintenance software

The other alternative is to use one of the open source CRM systems like SuiteCRM for this:

  • You can set up a Customer as an "Account".
  • You can use tasks for each repair, or setup a "Repair". Once reapired, the task can be closed.
  • It has Notes so can be assigned to each account.
  • It is PHP/MySql, Open source, so can be self-hosted.
  • It probably has much more than you need (Calls, Meetings, etc). So you may have to hide or disable some of the modules.

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