TLDR: Trying to find something like this. Easy WBS

Long version: I'm looking for task manager/todo list/issue tracker with ability to represent parent/child tasks by making a graph. Some features I would like:

  • Interactive, so I can move tasks, fold and unfold parents, create new links.
  • Self-hosted, I want it for personal usage and don't want to store it on third-party servers.
  • Traditional list view of tasks.
  • Good UI, optional but would be great.
  • Web-based, so I can access it with different devices.
  • Free or at least not costing 300$+

Some programs that I already know but decided not use them:

  • Jira with plugins [1] [2]. Not self-hosted + too expensive.
  • Trac. Bad UI + non-interactive graph.
  • Gameplan. It's looks very cool but it's not self-hosted + I'm not sure if it has list view + too expensive.
  • Redmine with easy WBS plugin (on the image above). It is the best solution I could find for now but live editing is under paywall + I don't really like redmine.
  • Hi, I want to point out that usually apps are not both web-based and self-hosted: programs with web-based interface often save data on cloud and if you need to access those data from multiple devices cloud data storage is mandatory.
    – d3vmak
    Commented Nov 17, 2021 at 11:27
  • @d3vmak Sorry for misleading about this. I had in mind some server-based service which I can deploy on my server and access it via browser. Commented Nov 17, 2021 at 18:25


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