I am working on a large Visual Studio project where the the build script is a .cmd file. When opened using the Visual Studio's editor the file is recognized just like a normal text file - parenthesis are not recognized, no variable name completion or renaming options. It makes editing more difficult and time consuming because you can only encounter a syntax bug while actually running the batch file..

I saw that for VS Code there is an add-on with all these abilities here.

I also checked out this answer but it did not solve my question.

Is there any similar extension for Visual Studio?

I use Visual Studio Professional 2015 (Update 3) on Windows 10.

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After long research I found an extension that does the trick!

TextHighlighterExtension2015 for Visual Studio 2015.

Installation link, or available at the store.

There is a comment that you have to run VS15 as admin when you install it if you do it from the online store.

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