I looked a bit into scanning & filing systems like neat.com or paperless(-ng) but what both are missing is a step during scanning that pre-sorts the scan.

Most of the time one probably scans only a few documents types: receipts, holiday requests, paper notes etc. So one could prepare folders (in a DMS) für each type. If the scanner dialog asks you which type a scan is and the just pushes the document to the folder, it would make things much simpler imho.

Another version would also be possible, where you make a foto of a document, put a little barcode beside it, which gets recognized be the foto app and again pushes the doc into a preset folder. That would also enable other people to send you scanned files quickly from other PCs in the network.

Has anyone ever seen something similar?


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I recommend also looking into apps like NAPS2 or Paperless-CLI, that offer command-line interfaces. Hence you can possibly do some of the pre-sorting via a script.

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