I have recently started getting what I presume are NAT traversal issues in my VOIP phone calls which use SIP to aa.net.uk's servers. I'm using the Bria client on a Mac, or occasionally Bria on an iPhone. As of this week I've had one way audio, no audio, an alternative client working sometimes, different levels of failure on my home wifi network or when connected via my mobile network etc.

I want to cut through debugging and run my VOIP over a VPN and am looking for a VPN service and client for the Mac.

Ideally I would like it to:

  • be as cheap as possible.
  • if possible, just carry my VOIP traffic which is related to the Bria app.

I am not particularly concerned with high levels of security.

To get started I have subscribed to aa.net.uk's L2TP service which is unencrypted. I can now make and receive calls reliably, but it is £20/month and that seems steep.

What are my better options please? Thank you.

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