I'm looking to implement in a website, or iOS, android app a small music recognition software.

The "problem" lies that I want it to recognise my own music (I'm a composer), based on one or more recordings of the same piece of music.

As such I don't need any kind of a database, or even access to separate websites or data. Just to create my own, small database.

Is there something like this a available?

The pieces will be simple piano tunes, so nothing too complicated in terms of frequencies.

Thanks for your help.

  • Welcome Nikolas, Sorry no suggestion, just an intrigued party. Hope someone suggests something.
    – Lockszmith
    Oct 29 '21 at 15:06
  • Thanks Lockszmith. Let's see if someone knows anything about this particular quiery.
    – Nikolas
    Oct 29 '21 at 18:13

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