I need a classic-looking, somewhat bare bone looking interface like in Windows 10~8 style (=buttons, ribbons), Windows ~XP search and more tool. because the search tool in the Windows 10 OS is lacking.

It should be:

  • Windows 10 compatible

  • Should have a sense of FOSS and open-ness.

  • freeware

  • Should include most of the things that was in windows XP, ME, 2000, 7.

Bonus constraints (not wanting all things to be valid if you found one)

  • the website of the software's background is blue (or similar).

  • Creator should have a at least one other project specified at the footer - not exactly but a small ribbon) - of the web page.

  • Creator's name is like alex potyuman, chell kin.

  • probably have a avatar on a network which have a GitHub-like icon.

  • site structure of the web page:

[Name]             Screenshot1

Windows search
no [catch phrase] 

something ---

[features: are probably in a list.]

something --- 


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