I have an application that converts XML->JSON-LD and vice versa. Users can provide either XML or JSON-LD and the tool would convert the input into the respective format. I have 2 separate HTML textarea where one would handle XML and another JSON-LD.

I have predefined XSD and JSON-Schema. I am looking for a front-end library that can be integrated with my HTML Textarea to validate the XSD Schema and JSON-Schema and highlight the wrong entries/missing entries against the respective line.

Basically, I want to compare the provided XML with XSD and JSON with JSON Schema and highlight the wrong entries so the user will know if there are any mismatches. I want to highlight the wrong things against those lines. I know there are libraries that can provide all wrong entries which can be displayed to users but my requirement I want to display against the respective line. Any help or example would be really beneficial.

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To the best of my knowledge, there is no XSD processor that will do validation client-side in the browser.

I have had one sitting on the shelf 90% complete for several years (it's written in XSLT) but I've never got round to finishing it.

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