I'm looking to a product that could relay notifications from an application hosted on a server to a number of channels like Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, Slack etc.

Preferably open source so I can tinker with it.

I've made some research on the web, on github and here, with no result. Mainly point to point integration, like send notification to slack, but no hub.

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More focused researches lead to some candidates (see other answers).

The most appropriate to my needs was apprise (sources), in Python, load of providers.

It can be used as a python library or as an HTTP API.

Notification channel are in the configuration (or can be hard-coded, not my choice).

Configuration can be described in a YAML file, using URL, one format per provider, like telegram://....

It has a tag mechanism that allow to route notifications to different channels.

The documentation is well done.

I managed to do all my setup in a couple of hours.

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shoutrrr (sources), in Go, load of providers


notifire (sources), in nodejs, some providers but not all the ones I'm looking for


messageraft (sources), in nodejs, very few providers

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