Sometimes someone sends me a link to an article on the web. This can range from personal weblogs to news articles and "long reads", all of them are text-focused with maybe a few static images.

Now I want to comment on parts of the article, in a similar fashion to how Word allows line comments and how Github allows comments on code lines in pull requests.

I can then send the (URL to the) article+comments back to the person who shared the article and they could read and react to the comments with their own views.


Is there a webapp that allows for comment(threads) to be linked to arbitrary parts of text on a website?

What I've looked into

  • I've tried copy pasting the article into Word, but this often breaks hyperlinks and formatting, making it a sub-optimal experience.
  • I found inlineDisqussions, but it is a WordPress plugin that needs to be added by the site administrator. I am looking for something that can be added by my to any web article.

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