What do I need?

I need a simple WebUI that allows to define buttons for shell commands.

Use cases:

  • GUI for simple API calls from Postman via curl
  • Trigger WakeOnLAN
  • Restart application via SSH or local
  • Run small script via SSH or local
  • Trigger Function App


Must have

  • Simple WebUI
  • Simple role based access
    • Admin can define buttons
    • User can only execute a set of commands an admin has published for that user
    • Credentials can be hidden / are protected once command button has been created
  • Selfhosting possible

Optional requirements

  • Simple parameters are possible to enter via simple form
  • Python based a plus
  • If possible not Java based
  • Small enough to run on a Raspberry Pi is a plus
  • Dockerized is a plus
  • Accessible via phone is a plus
  • Re-export of buttons via API is a plus


  • Tools like Rundeck, Ansible, Jenkins
    • focussed on automation or CI/CD; more simpler tool needed
  • SSH Button
    • no webapp; access only via single phone
  • NodeRED
    • dashboard not the main focus of app; not so lightweight; low code


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