I currently use Synthesia to learn classical piano pieces. In Synthesia, as well as assigning left and right hand parts, you can also add finger hints to each key and create a visual record (in piano roll form) of exactly how you play a piece.

I was wondering if there is any Windows program or Android app that takes this a step further and displays a virtual pair of hands actually playing a piece. So, for example, you could input a midi file into this app/program, assign your own fingering to each note then watch the virtual pianist play the piece in the same way that you do.

Does anyone know if anything like this exists?

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It looks like "Flowkey" has a split-screen display with video of hands on a keyboard above scrolling music notation. It doesn't look to me like it can import new content (in fact, makes access to some of their catalogue a paid feature). Looks like you can connect a keyboard via MIDI for detecting input, though.

That doesn't really do what you're looking for, a visualization of your personal fingering choices, but I'm not aware of

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a useful app, but as you say, it's not exactly what I'm looking for, as I'd like to be able to import midi files.
    – cern
    Commented Oct 6, 2021 at 11:57

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