I'm looking at a backend solution for the development of a REST API to be used in a webapp project developed with Svelte and Strapi.

I have used Laravel lots of time. It's very easy and fast to develop the services, the Middleware, the routes, etc.

I have almost not never used Nestjs.

What would be the best to minimize the development time in this project context? Don't hesitate to precise the project context(s) if you need to bring a large answer.


Nestjs, as a Nodejs backend framework, is easy and fast to scale within a Digitalocean or Amazon hosting, as it multithreads and distributes the tasks.

Laravel, well, I think it can too but I've never used this feature and I think it's less able to do it.

In term of speed of treatment, and perhaps of network transfer of the results, I think Nestjs wins over Laravel in numerous project contexts. But we'll my question is rather bound to the speed of development.

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    Oct 3 at 18:05

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